Meet the Chopps

Chris’s Real Estate Journey

In 2009, Chris found himself drawn to the world of real estate. His goal? To establish a business that would serve him well after retiring from his teaching career. Surprisingly, during this period, the foreclosure market was experiencing a significant boom. Despite the counterintuitive nature of the situation, Chris keenly observed how the real estate market adapted to the wave of foreclosures.

Karen Joins the Team

In 2010, Karen joined Chris, and together they formed a dynamic duo at Coldwell Banker. Their journey took them through countless vacant homes, where they helped buyers uncover hidden gems—properties with potential waiting to be unlocked through renovation. But their mission extended beyond mere transactions. They also provided compassionate guidance to those facing financial difficulties, helping them sell their homes before foreclosure became inevitable.

From Salesmanship to Trusted Friendship

For Karen and Chris, real estate wasn’t about slick sales pitches or closing deals. Instead, they saw themselves as trusted friends, guiding clients through life-changing decisions. Their shared background in education fueled their passion for helping people transition to the next phase of their lives. They understood the frustration of working with unresponsive agents, which is why they took pride in their motto: “Buy, Sell, Chopp Chopp!” It was a reminder of the swift and attentive service they provided to their clients.

Choose the Karen and Chris Team

So, if you’re seeking seasoned real estate professionals who genuinely care, look no further than Karen and Chris at Coldwell Banker. Their commitment to building relationships and addressing your real estate needs promptly sets them apart. Whether you’re buying or selling, they’re ready to guide you through the process with expertise and a friendly touch. 🏡🤝